Get ready for web3.0 experiences that will take you deep into the new worlds of Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror. Connect to your communities, build with creators, and explore new and emerging projects in ways you’ve never imagined.

Our journey to become the world’s largest web3.0 fantasy community has just begun. With your help, we can make it happen. In return you can earn rewards, get invites to very exclusive events, both real world and online with so much more on the way.

Build world with the community. Play and earn games. NFT art, comics and other collectibles. A future metaverse play. This is a taste of what is to come…


With a range of creative projects and partners coming to MYTH, there are loads of projects you can get involved in. The best part is, the more you do, the more rewards, incentives and prizes you can earn including:


Not only do you get to be part of our world, exploring and connecting with other fans, but you also get to help shape its future together. Through cutting edge projects and initiatives, you have a unique opportunity to express exactly who you are, and what you want MYTH to become. We’re talking about community created games, fan directed content, competitions and loads more.


There are thousands of fans from all over the world joining MYTH. A lot of them will be passionate about the same things you are. Now’s your chance to connect with them and be part of projects across a social metaverse that gives you new and exciting ways to be part of something very special.


Jump into brand new virtual experiences with MythicVerse, the MYTH Metaverse. Here’s where you will be able to earn rewards, both real and digital plus also, take part in real projects that are exciting, fun and unique.

You’ll also be hanging out with creators, artists, writers and all sorts of very special connections.

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