The MYTH Project: Reinventing the way fans connect with fantasy content 

29 June 2022

The MYTH ecosystem is determined to provide fantasy fans with a real, and long-lasting experience that embraces the full potential of web 3.0. At its core, there is so much that’s possible with this genre, and we are working with some great partners to test the bounds of what is possible.

MYTH sets about providing that special, fully immersive experience that will connect brands to fans, and fans to experiences in exciting ways – creating a community that brings to life all the things they need to feel included, respected, and fulfilled. This will be achieved through the MYTH Alliance, as it sets out to deliver on its roadmap. 

The MYTH Alliance is the most powerful ace up the sleeve for the MYTH project. An alliance of incredible creators, artists, brands and web 3.0 developers coming together – alongside legions of fantasy fans to discover and engage with fantasy content like never before, including a huge metaverse to explore. 

Names that are already part of the MYTH Alliance are iconic brand Heavy Metal Magazine, EverScapes marketplace, Mythical Worlds Guild, Vivaria and gaming company Osmium Labs. Alongside those names are gaming giant Vulcan Forged and arguably one of the biggest players in the space, – all forming an immersive, web3 experience for fantasy, sci-fi and horror fans.


Powering the web 3.0 will be the MYTH Token (MYTHX) that will connect all the projects in the Alliance. There are 14 projects currently on board at launch that are committed to driving token utility – this includes existing fan bases of more than 500,000 people – all eager to be part of something new and exciting. 

In turn, the MYTHX generates the native in-ecosystem token, CRYSTALS. These can be purchased and used for all games, projects, metaverse, and marketplace transactions across the MYTH ecosystem. Crystals can also be staked for MYTHX rewards, as well as other incentives. 

There are programs to incentivize full participation, giving fans, and also, brands, influencers, and creators ways to not only be part of the MYTH project but also own its success as well. The more the MYTH Alliance brings, the more everyone can benefit via incentives and rewards.  

The core team behind the project are some of the brightest minds in their respective fields. From blockchain, NFTs, gaming and metaverse to entertainment, law, community building and law.  

MYTH, along with its token, alliance, and metaverse and looking to a massive future for fans, brands, and creators – providing a new and powerful way to connect, collaborate, share, and be rewarded. Best of all, it all starts now.  

Check out the website and get in early on MYTHX with a Seed and Private Whitelist currently open here: 


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