A mindfulness game where players acquire a blank vivarium, your own personal metaverse which can then be decorated with affordable limited edition NFT assets such as plants, statues, buildings, landscape features and even little living fantasy creatures.

Every asset is unique thanks to the advanced geometric node architecture powering Vivaria. These assets provide unique, subtle interactions such as a birds flying or chirping crickets to create an unfolding zen like user generated world. As the Player’s Vivarium evolves into an expression of the fans state of mind it will serve as a bespoke mindfulness touch point to relax and zone out.

Get rewarded through gamification as different resources, each with their own unique uses and value are produced from the assets you’ve placed on you land. Share your world with friends and earn from the interaction.

Vivaria’s will be released in limited numbers and the only way more are produced is by a players interaction inside one. The more time you spend inside your Vivaria and the more visitors you get the greater the chance that you spawn a new Vivaria base. Holders can then sell these bases on the marketplace to new players.

Its simplicity of design and accessibility enables community development and ongoing expansion. With new thematic asset sets dropping regularly across themes such as True Zen, Little Space, The Underworld, Ethereal Forest and Beach Life already planned.

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