Introducing Metal+

The new digital community for Heavy Metal

For 45 years, Heavy Metal has been the go-to for fantasy enthusiasts. Over this time, they’ve explored countless fantastic and surrealistic concepts, alternate realities, mind-blowing science fiction, and more, all thanks to the imaginations of the world’s biggest and best writers and illustrators.

The evolution of the Heavy Metal brand

As Heavy Metal continues to bring new and innovative ways to connect fans to the creations and lore from the worlds of Heavy Metal comes the next evolution – on blockchain, through a new service called Metal+.

Metal+ will enable the team to revolutionize how it delivers content, with a special focus on the comics. Metal+ will also create new markets for collectors, provide new ways for fan communities to connect and enjoy everything that has made Heavy Metal the world’s foremost illustrated fantasy magazine.

This new platform is Heavy Metal’s intention to commit to NFTs into the future and deliver the best possible experience for fans into the future. This includes a Heavy Metal marketplace, where people can buy, sell and trade rare and unique collectibles.

Not only will people be able to collect the stories of Heavy Metal in a new way through Metal+, but there will also be a brand-new way to read them digitally through a brand new on platform experience. So, if you own the NFT, you will also be able to read it. This is a particularly important aspect that the team were big on bringing to fans, so NFTs can be collected and enjoyed in lots of ways.

There will also be opportunities for fans to earn rewards through different programs that give them access to special limited edition collectibles they won’t get anywhere else.

Metal+ sits as one of the cornerstone projects for the Myth Token. Myth Toke

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