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Fabled Collectibles

A series of themed and gamified collectibles that reward and inspire as you collect. Series one explores the myth and legend of dragons with Rage of Drakonica soon to be followed by Mecha Madness, a collectible set of incredible battle mechs and war machines.

Rage of Draconika

Collect your dragons, (3D dragon sculpts as limited edition NFT’s) from a collection of 100 pieces released in coming months and watch your dragons lay eggs and build treasure hoards in your wallet as saleable assets or rewards.

Explore Rage of Draconika with your dragon and its linked heritage and lore, participate in rare NFT’s air drops, discover the expanding dragon’s den galleries, and even merge two dragons in your wallet (burning both in the process) to create a new, completely unique dragon made up of pre-generated randomly generated body elements drawn from previously burnt dragons and in the process discover a new rarity and sub-breed.

Discover roaming thunders of dragons based on shared heritage and breed, be part of the Draconika adventures and collect and be captivated by the eggs laid in your wallet as art pieces in their own right, displayed as 3D crystal eggs as NFT’s, with each breed of dragon producing randomised eggs based initially on genealogy. Rage of Draconika promises to be rewarding and immersive world of discovery for dragons and their owners alike.

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