MYTH Token – Created for the ultimate Web 3.0 experience

29 June 2022

The MYTH Ecosystem features a two token model that is designed to reward and incentivize both MYTH Alliance Partners, and fans that take part in the MYTH ecosystem programs, platforms, games, and metaverse. The two different tokens are called MYTH and CRYSTALS.

MYTHX is the core ERC20 token, powering projects of the MYTH Ecosystem. Known with the MYTHX ticker on exchanges, the MYTHX Token will be used to stake for rewards and incentives and to also generate Crystals. There will only ever be a total of 100,000,000 MYTHX in final circulation.

Crystals are the MYTH Ecosystem platform token. These can be purchased and used for all games, projects, metaverse, and marketplace transactions across the MYTH ecosystem. Crystals can also be staked for MYTH token rewards, as well as other incentives. 

With an ecosystem that consists of play and earn gaming partners, global publishing houses, leading influencers, NFT studios, right through to epic metaverse experiences – there are huge opportunities for fans of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror to come on board and really enjoy an experience they won’t find anywhere else.  

MYTH prides itself on creating projects that enable people to get involved in ways they never thought possible and also get closer to their favorite creators. There are 14 projects currently on board at launch that are committed to driving token utility – this includes existing fan bases of more than 500,000 people – all eager to be part of something new and exciting.  

Other projects and their token are usually created for a single vision, which limits use cases and places more pressure on the project to deliver and succeed – as well as causing liquidity issues as people buy and sell.  

The MYTHX tokenomics have been developed to power an unlimited number of Web 3.0 projects and provide an unprecedented opportunity for people to take part, create, play and explore in a world that will only be limited by imagination.  

With the web 3.0 world about to explode, MYTH is looking to make its mark by revolutionizing the way we incentivize, reward, and celebrate fan lead projects. 

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