Metal+ launches this July

21 June 2022

For 45 years, Heavy Metal magazine has made itself renowned for its groundbreaking story-telling from the worlds of science-fiction and dark fantasy and has continued to reinvent itself to remain relevant and engaging for audiences both new and old. Its current renaissance continues as the independent publishing giant prepares to enter the web3 and blockchain space with its soon to be launched Metal+ project.

The Metal+ project aims to provide fans with exciting new ways to explore the content built from decades of publishing and continue to celebrate the creativity and vision of the world’s greatest writers and artists.

At the forefront of the Metal+ platform will be the inclusion of the world’s first NFT linked comics and graphic novels. Not only will the platform feature a bespoke comic reader interface, but collectors will be able to buy, sell and trade subscriptions and comics in a purpose built Metal+ secondary marketplace. But that’s not all, you’ll be able to explore an amazing range of NFT collectables that will focus on the boundless legacy of the platform, through a celebration of milestone editions and amazing moments.

And of course, there’s the cover art, by some of the most celebrated fantasy artists of all-time.
Metal+ will continue to drive innovation in the web3 space but that’s not all to come – Heavy Metal will continue to push boundaries of imagination through community driven publishing projects, TV and film – content ready to blow minds and provide next level engagement for it’s 500,000+ fan base.

Metal+ is just 1 of 14 projects currently underway, underpinned by the soon to be released Myth Token. With serious IP, artists, games, and more converging in one eco-system, if you love fantasy or are interested in learning more about the Myth Token be sure to visit

If you visit our website before 31 June, and use the code ‘Legion22’, you will be able to access our Myth Token whitelist!

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