Hex Mythica launching soon

21 June 2022


Coming Q3 2022, we kick off Mythical Worlds Guild’s very own community led world build, Hex Mythica!

Community members will first be able to contribute to the fantasy lore, which will come to life with the help of professional artists and writers.

With a new fan lore formed, we will decide with you and the community what the future holds for this fantasy story! Leveraging our network of publishers, game developers and entertainment industry partners, this community can take this property down a range of exciting content paths including graphic novels and comics, animated series, RPGs, tabletop games and more. All with the opportunity for you to have real commercial ownership in the IP you create!

Hex Mythica community members will have an opportunity to create their own fantasy lore and story lines based on NFT art pieces that they can purchase and own the full creative rights to. From characters to races, places, factions, magical items and more. We provide the inspiration while the community, together with a team of professional editors and artists, builds the ultimate fantasy world.

If you are interested and keen to get involved, be sure to join the Mythical Worlds Guild community and stay tuned for updates!

Hex Mythica is just 1 of 14 projects currently underway, underpinned by the soon to be released Myth Token. With serious IP, artists, games, and more converging in one eco-system, if you love fantasy or a are interested in learning more about the Myth Token be sure to visit

If you visit our website before 31 June, and use the code ‘Legion22’, you will be able to access our Myth Token whitelist!

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