Future for Fans

12 June 2022

What will the future hold for fans joining the Mythical World Guild community? There is only one answer really – join and find out ๐Ÿ™‚

The creators of Mythical Worlds Guild are intent on creating an authentic fandom for lovers of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. We know a fandom is alot more than play-and-earn gaming and a few token dragon pictures… although we do love both. Comics, art, physical merchandise, fan fiction, community driven initiatives, and much more will form part of our offering. This provides fans with an open environment to explore, create, play, and even just chat with like-minded fans at their leisure.

For fans joining now you have the opportunity to shape what is next and start at the ground ground floor of something we believe to be quite unique. Join the conversation on our Discord and keep an eye out as we, with our partner network, start to launch an amazing series of projects.

How will you as a fan benefit?

What are you waiting for…

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