Damn right it is a stone portal!

12 June 2022
RPM Portal appears

MWG portal spotted on the Ready Player Motorsports track!

Well, how did it get there?

In a recent article from RPM, it appears the iconic MWG has made a very unexpected appearance upon the Ready Player Motorsports raceway. The stone portal, meant to simply represent an exciting new partnership between teams, hovers ominously above the ground.

Our CMO, Glitched Viking, hinted at some very interesting plans coming up and while offering a couple of hints, was elusive about where things could go.

It is rumored that the portal is a UHECR particle generator, capable of supercharging the Mythical Worlds Guild race car or it will distract those on the lookout for a super stylish swing chair. Either way, we think everyone can expect to see more of these shenanigans from Glitched as the stone portal turns up in other MWG partner projects.

We can’t wait to see what happens when these portals start to activate, connecting projects in ways we’ve never imagined. Will it give the team at Mythical Worlds Guild an advantage? Be at the raceway to find out.

What other shenanigans are we up to? Drop into our Discord and find out.

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