Connect and collect with the Cosplay superstars

28 June 2022

When you’ve made it big time as a cosplay megastar, you have a legion of faithful fans that celebrate your creations, and want to follow everything you do.  

Soon, with Cosplay Stars, the performance of art of cosplay will be beautifully captured in an ongoing collection of very special NFTs, to be hosted on the EverScapes platform.  

Each series is to be released as gamified collectible card sets, depicting the world’s top cosplayers wearing costumes inspired by favourite genres including anime, video games, comics, TV and movies.  

More than just great pieces of art in themselves, collectors also have the chance to win exclusive, never before seen content or even the chance to spend time with their favorite Cosplayer in private Discord groups.  

These sets will be cutting edge, including video content, animations, behind the scenes footage and more super cool incredible themes. Of course, there will be gamified elements introduced into the NFTs so the collectibles will not only look great, but you will also be able to use them in other ways too.  

Get ready for Cosplay Stars, collectibles with attitude! 


Cosplay Stars is just 1 of 14 projects currently underway, underpinned by the soon to be released Myth Token. With serious IP, artists, games, and more converging in one eco-system, if you love fantasy or are interested in learning more about the Myth Token be sure to visit

The Seed/Private whitelist is currently open, giving everyone an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this project. This is time limited, so what are you waiting for…

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