Imaginative Realism

Richard Hescox is an Imaginative Realist painter whose career, initially as an illustrator and more recently as a fine artist creating personal paintings and commissions, has evolved towards the goal of rediscovering the forgotten aesthetic sensibilities of the late 19th century fantasy painters. 

His published works include hundreds of book covers, record album covers, movie posters (iconic posters for cult favourite, Swamp Thing) and magazine illustrations. 

His paintings have been exhibited at many famous galleries throughout the United States and around the world.  

His fine art work explores themes of beauty and myth, depicting women as allegorical representations of the varied aspects of nature or as characters out of legend. 

“I think there’s a hierarchy in the quality of art, measured by the amount of skill and thought that went into a piece, the amount of communication that comes from it, and the effect it has on the viewer. Little of this is apparent in most 20th-century art.”

Richard Hescox

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