Frank Frazetta Fantasy Artist Painting

The Godfather of Fantasy Art

Frank Frazetta was an American fantasy and science fiction artist, most noted for his lustrous oil paintings which has led him to be referred to as the “Godfather” of fantasy art, and one of the most renowned illustrators of the 20th century.His interpretation of Conan visually redefined the genre of sword and sorcery, and had an enormous influence on succeeding generations of artists. From this point on, Frazetta’s work was in great demand. Some of Frazetta’s most recognised works come from his cover paintings across Warren Publication’s Creepy, Eerie, Blazing Combat and Vampirella.

Frazetta continued to work into the 1990s, only slowed down by a series of strokes. He died May 10, 2010 at the age of 82.

The 1969 fantasy painting Egyptian Queen, one of his most legendary artworks sold in 2019 for a world record d $5.4 million.

Frank Frazetta Sci-fi Oil Painting Illustration titled 'Warlord of Mars' of an ape war

“By the time I was a teenager, I knew I wanted to be an artist. I was a born draftsman and liked all forms of art, so I just knew that’s what I wanted to do..”

Frank Frazetta

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